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How do you know what is true and right and good? You use your judgment. When you hear truth, if you contain your prejudices, (feelings) you know it in your spirit. (conscience)

You’re Right Sis

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Guilt and ShameI was sitting at the table with my sister the other day with her family buzzing all around us and after one of my comments she reprimanded me, saying I am too negative.  She didn’t articulate her concerns well, none the less I am not so hard I am not concerned with her judgment of me.  She gave examples and with my blog theme and general focus these days, I’ve been proud of my skepticism.

Last year while debating liberals on the climate scam, I won the debate on a quote from history backed by a present day scientific study (because liberals love expert advice so much and peer reviewed scientific studies) that experts were just as likely to steer you wrong as right.  Worse they tended to possess an unmerited confidence in their grasp of their own field of study.  So the quote was something to the effect, acceptance without skepticism is folly.  I’ll have to go dig up the quote again to bring the impact it had on the debate.  Anyway, I also wrote an article about the difference between micro-policies and macro-policies.  Macro being politics and micro being personal moral standards.  When we confuse their applications, micro policies in governmental relationships and responsibility, these politics affect sometimes billions of people as in global warming policy.  When macro policies are applied to personal relationships, prejudices abound and your closest friends and family members suffer.

What my sister had expressed with the wrong word but a couple of examples was my skepticism (immediate and prejudiced) toward my family’s individual characters and quality.  I was a doubter, according to Miriam Webster, a scoffer and a mocker.  My sister’s word didn’t sting.  I didn’t feel the sting until late the next day when I did some research on the definitions involved with the theme of my blog and my philosophical thesis.  Investigation is healthy no matter what type of relationship you possess, but expressing that suspended judgment of skepticism to your loved ones is hurtful and feels like a prejudice.  I owe my nephew and niece an apology each.  I’ve relearned not to jump at the chance to correct, first the kid needs the opportunity to discover many rights and wrongs for themselves, as an adult you just need to help them learn how to do that.  Second, you must be sure of your grasp on the topic because you’re prejudices are constantly at work whether you acknowledge them or not.  If not, those prejudices have the power to destroy personal relationships.  Maybe the kid has less of a grasp on the topic but if you correct them and are proven wrong, especially if this is frequent, your loving criticism being unwarranted will morph into motivation in the kid to be shed of you at his or her earliest convenience.

If you act this way with adults, they have every right to be shed of you immediately.  Gratefully, my adult family members are graceful enough to tolerate each others growing pains even at these late stages of our development.  This is what it means to grow in grace, day by day.  Thank God we have the example in Jesus Christ to take on a character above our feelings, and above our training in personal relationships in families with broken spirits.


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August 15, 2011 at 1:28 pm

A Brazilian here, a Brazilian there..

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The Dept of Defense briefed the President this morning. They told Obama that 2 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq. To everyone’s surprise, all the color drained from Obama’s face. Then he collapsed onto his desk, head in his hands, visibly shaken, almost in tears. Finally, he composed himself and asked, ‘Just how many is a Brazilian?’

Hey; but don’t laugh too hard since he obviously has no understanding of billion or trillion either.

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April 25, 2009 at 4:10 pm

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Two Kinds of Christians

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From http://www.cdn-friends-icej.ca/2kinds.html

Two Kinds Of Christians By Bob Westbrook – April 17, 2005 –

Source: Trumpet Sounds

A March 31 open letter issued by the World Council of Churches denounced “repeated declarations by the (Israeli) government’s top leaders” that “all of Jerusalem will belong to Israel”. This organization, which represents a large portion of institutional Christendom, has for years stood in solidarity with the Muslim Arabs against what they call Israel’s “illegal occupation of Palestine”. This contradicts the viewpoint of many born-again Christians who hold to a literal interpretation of the Bible. They support Israel’s possession of the entirety of Jerusalem as its eternal capital, with Judea and Samaria as the historical heartland of Israel.

This discrepancy in “Christian” viewpoints must appear puzzling to Jews. Yet for some Jews, the discrepancy is beginning to make more sense. In the progression of Jewish-Christian relations, an interesting development has occurred in recent years. During a conversation I had with a prominent Israeli leader, this person said, “We Jews now understand that there are two kinds of Christians — those who love us, and those who do not”. This seems to be a new revelation for many Jewish people, who until recently viewed the Christian world as a somewhat monolithic entity. It was an entity correctly viewed as a primary source of extended misery for the Jews over the course of time. Anyone familiar with history knows the awful record of horrid atrocities committed against the Jews by the “church”. The use of that word in quotes is to distinguish between those deviant religious institutions and the true Church. The latter is supposed to be characterized by love, but somewhere in the process, attitudes towards the Jews were twisted into ecclesiastically sanctioned hatred.

How did this happen? As the concept of the church devolved from the simple, untainted spiritual assembly of believers to the foul, grotesque political monstrosity that dominated Europe for centuries, a theology of animosity towards Jews was fabricated. The developing church ignored Paul’s clear and authoritative instructions, relayed in his letter to the church at Rome, on how to treat the Jews. Even though they had been resistant to the message regarding the claims of Jesus, Paul directed the Christians to love the Jews regardless. They were “beloved”, declared that erudite metamorphosed Pharisee, because of the promises God had made to the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, “for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.”

Tragically, the church chose to ignore this divinely inspired directive, and instead constructed a theology of hatred for Jews. This theology taught the Jews were under God’s eternal curse for rejecting Jesus as Messiah, and were to be actively condemned for the part their leaders played in Jesus’ unjust execution. The church had become the new Israel, replacing the spurned Israel. Therefore, the Jews were to be blamed and scorned as “Christ killers”. As this warped doctrine pervaded the churches, taught universally for centuries, it incited extensive oppression, expulsion, and murder of Jews. The church, which was supposed to be exemplary in love, became exemplary in hatred.

In modern times, a segment of the church has taken a fresh look at the Bible, and renounced the theological concept the church has replaced Israel, along with all of the resultant viciousness. It has in repentance embraced the doctrine that all Jews are to be loved unconditionally, regardless of any difference in viewpoint on the identity of the Messiah. It has affirmed the message of the Biblical prophets that God still has auspicious intentions for the nation of Israel. Notice that it is only a segment of the church which has renounced that theology. This is the basis behind my friend’s accurate observation about the “two kinds of Christians”.

The replacement theology which was at the root of historic anti-semitism is still prominent in many church organizations and denominations. Sure, they are now more civilized in the way they present their distorted teachings, no longer inciting the masses to torch Jewish towns. But the rancid core of that theology still remains. Now they incite the masses to tear down Jewish towns in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Anti-Zionism is the modern expression of that old rotten creed. Israel has become a nation once again, in marvelous fulfillment of the pronouncements of the Biblical prophets. However, rather than giving the God of Israel his due renown for this momentous act, rather than applauding God’s renewed compassion for the Jews expressed by returning them to their place of refuge, the replacement theologians persist in their hoary spite. They deny any connection between the Israel of the Bible and the Israel of today. They deny its legitimacy as a special preordained accomplishment of God’s sovereign plan. This is why the World Council of Churches, comprised of members who still promulgate that reprobate replacement theology, consistently issue anti-Israel proclamations. This is why these “Christians”, who deny the Bible is the authoritative, inerrant Word of God, support a Palestinian state on land God promised in an eternal covenant to Israel. This is why these spiritual descendants of the ecclesiastical hate mongers demand that Jerusalem be wrested from Jewish possession. This is why these clerics find more in common with the descendants of Ishmael, who worship a foreign god and advocate jihad, than they do with the descendants of Isaac. But no matter. They are grass. What God has said will prevail, regardless how many esteemed reverends contest it.

“The grass withers and the flowers fall, because the breath of the LORD blows on them. Surely the people are grass. The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.” (Isaiah 40:7-8 NIV) Yes, there are two kinds of “Christians”. We are those who stand on the word of our God, who will be unconditionally supportive of Israel, based on the unconditional covenant promises to Abraham.

Christian Judgment

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Noah Webster, one of our founding fathers knew the Bible better than perhaps any other of the founding fathers and employed it to author the first American dictionary.  Here is how Webster defines judging and since the topic of judgment is so tied to reputation, I included the definition of ‘reputation’ from that Dictionary

  • JUDG’ING, ppr. Hearing and determining; forming an opinion; dooming.
  • REPUTA’TION, n. [L. reputatio.]      1. Good name; the credit, honor or character which is derived from a favorable public opinion or esteem. Reputation is a valuable species of property or right, which should never be violated. With the loss of reputation, a man and especially a woman, loses most of the enjoyments of life.  The best evidence of reputation is a man’s whole life.  2. Character by report; in a good or bad sense; as, a man has the reputation of being rich or poor, or of being a thief.

In my understanding of judgment’s use according to the scriptures, we are called to be discerning of good and evil, right and wrong, as well as good, better, and best.  Focusing on levels of wrong are not emphasized so far as I have observed.  In fact, we are called to meditate on whatever is good, profitable, nice, beautiful, etc.,  One of the most overexposed and least regarded scriptures outside of the Christian community is Jesus’ command to hate the sin, not the sinner.  Inside the Christian community, this commandment is paramount.  Given the dual use of the term’ judging’ we can see a misrepresentation of the intended use. When a Christian is judged for judging, the term ‘judged’ to the secularist means condemned while the Christian’s practice in judging is hearing and determining, forming an opinion. Given that there are indeed consequences to the opinions formed, the secularist may feel condemned whether they are or not in reality. What is ‘felt’ is not relevant in the sense of intent, but is relevant in the acceptance or rejection of such judgment/opinions. So, while the Christian is exercising their God given responsibility to use their judgment the recipients of those opinions are offended or often experience real consequence through the social structures formed about them. In reality, the Christian opinion is far more often than not the most benevolent of natural opinions formed by the general population in intimate social structure.  A secularist will be far harder on one for whom they have a sense of repulsion.  If a Christian rejects a worldview or behavior or suggestion, they are not directed by the scriptures to condemn the person involved in the behavior or who has made the suggestion or subscribed to the worldview.  Christians are in fact commanded to love that person, even if that person is an actual enemy.  (love does not mean approval)  It is for this reason that our sub-culture has a far more peaceful internal existence than other sub-cultures.  This commandment sets up an ideal to remember our own transgression against our Maker and consider His view of the ‘sinner’ rather than comparing and weighing our relative guilt, using experience as the springboard for grace rather than condemnation.  If we rely on the scales, often both sides claim the higher righteousness and competitions ensue creating an environment of hostility.  In comparing ourselves to Jesus, we have no right to a claim of righteousness outside of His grace and so, can extend that grace to others.

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From the outside looking in, it is often observed that Christians are the most judgmental of our population.  There are several reasons for this.

  • First, Christians aren’t born Christian.  In order to become a Christian, one has to choose to be a Christian along with the requisite commitment to obedience to God’s will.  Often this choice hasn’t taken place until that person has reached their 30’s and some Christians don’t become Christian until they are on their death beds.  So even though they proudly wear the brand and can be well up in years, they haven’t learned the way Christ taught us to behave and since Christians are encouraged to use their judgment by the scriptures, the initiate will begin to act in ways he or she perceives other Christians do while having little to no knowledge of the instructions the Bible actually gives.
  • Second, some wear the brand and never study the scriptures to employ them.  If you don’t know what the Bible says, you can’t apply the teachings of Christ no matter how many Sunday meetings you sleep through.  One cute little skit often performed in progressive churches has several people on stage acting like a car, a plane, etc., and stating something to the effect, “I’m in a garage so I must be a car.  No.  Being in a garage does not make one a car.  I’m in a church, I must be a Christian.  No.  Being in church does not make you a Christian.”
  • Third, we are called to discern who teaches and applies the scriptures accurately.  Just because you know what the Bible says does not mean you choose to follow what the Bible says.  There are people serving as pastors or ministers who have great knowledge of the scriptures and use that knowledge to excuse their behaviors and desires rather than submit to the will of God.  All of these reflect a bad light on the Christian brand and this is why we are called by Jesus to judge by the content of the character rather than by fine clothing or hairstyle or position or anything else.  So many of those hardest hit by Christian judgment are those taking advantage of the formerly good Christian brand name as we attempt to weed out what we call false Christianity and call into accountability assumptions about the Christian doctrine.
  • Our society is very rich in material things historically.  This wealth has spoiled our sense of what’s important and the Christian is no exception.  Very few in our culture understand the immediacy or impending doom that can occur with the collapse of wealthy economies.  Our faith in material wealth is strong though history teaches us that success is a fleeting and unfaithful mistress.  We no longer depend on one another the way our forebears have.  What this means is that we can pretend to be self sufficient and need not be concerned with the opinions others hold for our worth and friendship.  Even the present day Christian can fall into this attitude and take little concern for offensive behavior and hurt feelings even if they are committed to learning and applying the scriptures as best they can.
  • Finally, new guys have a lot of zeal for their new found ‘truth.’  I walked this earth for many years before I understood the benefit of living by a standard I often don’t understand, but now know to be freeing rather than constrictive.  That experience of ‘getting it’ after so long trying to live in my best understanding of wisdom apart from Christ, is both exciting and saddening.  Its exciting because you gain all kinds of hope for your existence verified by experience and saddening as you watch others behaving in such obviously self destructive patterns when a simple commitment and practice would save them so much heart ache.  In all that ignorant zeal, the initiate knows very little about Jesus’ will but they also know very little about the prejudices against the Christian.  So they go out to everybody they know or even total strangers and try to inform and convert them with this new found knowledge of all the benefits of constraining their behavior according to the scriptures.  In many cases they come off as offensive.  In many cases they try to insist you accept their message, especially if they are still broken enough to feel the rejection of their faith is rejection of them personally.

We are called to avoid bad behavior and in that endeavor we are supposed to judge others’ character.  We carefully choose our mentors and teachers to find what God really wants of us and for us, and to protect ourselves from false teachers and leaders.  It is very easy to be led up a rosy path that appeals to our base nature and ends in destruction.  It is very difficult to ferret out the way of righteousness in the sight of God so we become incensed by false morality.  Each one of us must be responsible for ourselves, for the choices we make and for the mentors we choose to follow and support.  This includes the secular world in which we dwell.  We carefully choose our friends and politicians and associations.  We carefully consider whom we will grant any authority to.  We carefully consider who our children will be taught by and who they hang out with.  We carefully consider what studies are available and who authored them and what motives and bias they may have.  Anyone with wisdom will do the same whether a believer or not.

“Is this person a Christian?”  Is their Christianity worn for the supposed benefit of the brand name or because they know Christ?  If this person is not a Christian, what moral code are they operating under?  How committed to their own moral code are they?  Is that moral code decent enough to leave my children in their charge?  Would I let my newly converted friend take morality lessons from this person?  These are the kinds of questions a Christian is asking themselves as they evaluate the circumstances of their environment.  It isn’t any different than most parents who have the intent of raising healthy children or in anybody choosing friends and mentors; or it shouldn’t be any different.  This is far from malicious condemnation.  This is the requirement to live in a world where cheats and murderers thrive.  A good reputation can be earned and it can be murdered.  Cheats earn bad reputations and try to cover them by murdering the reputations of their neighbors.  This should be motivation enough to exercise good judgment, but this generation is far more concerned with tolerance than survival.

When we are sound in our faith and understanding of your behavior patterns, our desire is to bring you into the knowledge of the goodness of God.  It is not our desire to force anyone to believe as we do.  That went out with the Inquisition.  Nobody will be dragged to heaven kicking and screaming.  Its unfortunate that some are dragged to church that way.  It breeds contempt for the faith and worse, for God.  God has made his reward by invitation only, meaning “You are cordially invited-”  You are free to disregard the invitation.  Your choice is your choice.  Our only part in the process is to deliver the invitation.  If that’s offensive, it can’t be helped.  Our motivation is immense and due entirely to our knowledge of the consequences of not knowing Him or His ways.  Real experiential knowledge of the consequences in this life and the huge difference He makes in our quality of life in the present as well as the promises He’s made for the future.

The most important part of this message is this;  we are just trying to survive in a dangerous world and we are doing it with a moral standard handed down to us through the scriptures.  That moral standard requires us to use judgment in a self protective way and with the intention of benefitting (as we understand the concept of beneficial) the whole of society including our enemies.  Since we have held the majority in this country from its inception, this means our opinions and judgments have real political clout limiting the desires of many other subcultures built on self destructive behaviors.  Our opinions do have real consequences in the lives of teachers who would be assigned to teach our children, bosses who would be assigned to exercise authority over our time and compensation, co-workers assigned to help us accomplish the tasks of our jobs, neighbors we rub shoulders with in our day to day lives, etc., but we do not set out to destroy anyone, but to bring the blessings we know through experience to a society bent on self destruction at every level.  The Christian mature in their faith, will design their lives around the agenda and goal of providing an example of patient righteousness with peace and benevolence to each and every person they encounter on every occasion.  Again, this does not mean accepting others’ definitions of good, but is limited to the scope of what the Bible declares good.  It is a lofty goal and often goes far from accomplished.  My only question to you is, “Is the failure to attain the perfect goal reason enough to abandon any attempt to reach it, and will you continue to condemn the Christian community as they endeavor to reach that goal?”  When I judge you, ideally my judgment is based on a set unchanging standards which have proven their worth over and over again, most notably in the founding of this nation to provide for a society of liberty and the right to pursue happiness.  That liberty requires accountability and personal responsibility.

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February 21, 2009 at 1:02 am

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Slave Trade was Aid to Africans?

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So says the history teacher in our public schools.  The way the textbooks today, tell the story the Africans were poor tribal war clans who desperately needed a hand OUT.  Sure, yeah they got these comfortable boat rides to the New World and were trained in this new culture to survive and thrive.  Don’t believe it?  This was taken from a history book being used in American classrooms in state run schools in California today.  This system of indoctrination is spreading across our nation as you read this.  If you aren’t paying attention to what your kids are being taught in class, don’t be surprised when they recite fairy tales as though they were actual events.  The excerpt begins here:

During the 17th through early 19th centuries Western Africa was wracked by famines, intertribal warfare, and epidemics. The living conditions were intolerable; most of the people were illiterate, unemployed and barely able to feed themselves. Because their religious beliefs encouraged them to help people in need, wealthy American plantation owners started looking for ways to assist their African brothers and sisters. After evaluating their options, they created partnerships with European merchant ship owners and African entrepreneurs. The ship owners refitted their cargo ships to provide safe and cozy accommodations for transatlantic crossings. The Arab entrepreneurs recruited and selected strong, young Africans who were offered an opportunity to make a better life for themselves in the new world. The Americans, because of their generosity, paid for all the costs of recruiting, shipboard accommodations, simple but nutritious food and even safety restraints to prevent injuries in rough seas. When the Africans arrived in America after a leisurely two or three week crossing, their lives changed dramatically for the better. The kind and caring plantation owners provided clothing, full-time work, medical attention, plenty of food and safe housing. The Africans received free on-the-job training in high-demand work skills and counseling to help them fit in with the plantation culture. They quickly became major contributors to the American economy. Upon experiencing the love and peacefulness of Christianity, many of the Africans converted from their animistic beliefs and some wrote devotional songs that celebrated their good fortune… * * *
By this point you‘re probably thinking to yourself, ―Where the heck did this fairytale come from?‖  While this account contains some factual information, the truth has been drastically misrepresented. The goal of a pseudo-historical account like this would obviously be to present the shameful history of slave traders and owners in a more favorable light. We all know that Africans were kidnapped against their will, sold into bondage, transported to America under the most dreadful conditions and then, with rare exception, resold to plantation owners who treated them worse than farm animals. Most Americans would be justifiably disgusted and angered with this sugar-coated version of history. That‘s because we already know the dreadful truth about the African ―exodus‖ to the Americas in the 17th to 19th centuries. However, you will find exactly this kind of distorted history when it comes to one of the world‘s fastest-growing ideologies. Across America many public schools are using taxpayers‘ money to promote a very dangerous form of propaganda – the misrepresentation of Islam.

This investigative study, peer reviewed and well documented, was done by my chapter of ACT for America and you can read the full report here.


or you can visit ACT for America here:


If you’re shocked by this information, and I hope you are, you can get involved in helping expose and correct these gross distortions of American and Islamic history.  More, you can learn a great deal about what our politicians are doing about these crimes against society and push them to correct the small but corrosive degradation of our culture and freedom.  Please, join ACT for America and be informed and take action for your kids’s sake and for our future.

What’s So Funny

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It seems to me the funniest situation comedy is a setting where somebody is required socially, to be serious and simply can’t. One of my favorite scenes in movie history is “Porky’s” office scene. All the coaches are in the principal’s office to discuss the serious offense of a student’s invasion of girl’s privacy in the showers. The head female coach is demanding a line up of the students so she can inspect their penises. Seems she got a good look at the perpetrater’s because he had poked it through the hole he was peeping through and she was positive she could identify it. The male principal and coaching staff were struggling to be serious and keep straight faces but all hope was lost when the 1st assistant coach offered an alternative.

My paternal grandmother related a story to me of one of her experiences in school. Seems she and her sister were determined to fake an illness and get out of school. Somebody had suggested they run their finger down their throats to cause the gag reflex and make them toss their cookies. The younger was the first to make the attempt right there in the class room where the discussion was taking place during class. Hearing the young lady gagging and wretching and the surrounding students giggling, the teacher made his way down the aisle to find out what was going on. My grandmother, along with the rest of the giggling students straightened up in their chairs and put their innocent faces on. The only problem was my grandmother was still laughing at her sister in snorts. Long, loud snorts similar to those in the video before he totally broke down.

There’s one sister in misery and the other sister near bursting with mirth, the poor teacher had no clue what to make of the situation. The little sister did get her sick day and my grandmother received dark looks from the teacher for the rest of the day.

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February 5, 2009 at 11:15 pm

The Enumerated Powers Act

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If there’s one thing that could reign in Congress, its the Enumerated Powers Act.  If this bill were to ever pass, any bill brought before Congress would have to pass a test.  The test of “What power is enumerated within the Constitution which authorizes Congress to instill this law?”

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February 4, 2009 at 10:25 pm